Spiritually Fit Session ~ Judgment, how does it hold us back from having all that we desire and how can we use it to help us?

In this Spiritually Fit Session I talk about Judgment and how it can be more harmful to us than anything we are deciding to do, to eat, to think, or to BE.

Judgment has been a big teacher in my life in many ways and over the years it has taught me valuable lessons. As a self-care & empowerment coach, I have had the honour of working with others on their journey of healing themselves, body, mind, & soul and I have become aware of the many ways judgment can hold us back from having all that our heart desires. So, I want to share with you some ways that judgment can keep us stuck and also some solutions and tools to making judgment your friend and using it to help you.

Three things I have noticed about judgment:

  1. Judgment keeps us stuck and from moving forward. When we judge something we did in the PAST, we revisit that time and go over and over in our minds what we did and how we did it in an attempt to punish ourselves for the choices we made at the time.  We keep ourselves from being in the PRESENT moment and being open to all of the possibilities of our life.  WE cannot create the life we deserve and desire when we are living in the past and judging ourselves for what happened then.
  1. Judgment is always more harmful than any decision we could be making. I say this often to people and it has helped me so much in my own life.  It really isn’t the cupcake you ate, or the workout you missed, or the meditation you didn’t do that is the problem.  The only “problem” (because there really isn’t any) is the judgment you are choosing to have about it.  Simple.  Judgment packs a huge energetic punch and hits you right where it hurts- in the heart.  The last thing your heart centre needs is more judgment.
  1. The rule of Projection/Reflection- the way we judge others is the way we judge ourselves. This one always makes me giggle to see people’s reactions when they hear it. Say whaaaa?? “ What do you mean that other people are a reflection of me?” they say in disbelief.  Well it’s true- others are simply a reflection, or more particularly the emotions and aspects about them that we dislike are being mirrored back to us because we have disowned these aspects in ourselves.   When we “ meet our mirror” as I like to say, we will be shown the qualities or aspects of our being that we have yet to love, acknowledge and appreciate.

So, what can we do about it? How can we use judgment to help us heal and move forward with ease and grace in our life?

Here’s a few tips and tools:

  1. Acknowledge the judgment and become aware of it. Becoming aware of the judgment does not mean that you will choose to be that which you are judging. It simply means that you are choosing to see that which you did not see before.  This is empowering and allows you to be present and make a new choice going forward. Simply notice that you are having a judgment about something, someone, or a situation and become the WATCHER of the situation and the judgment.
  1. Accepting it and thanking it- Appreciation. Once you have become aware that you are having a judgment, you have a choice- you can judge the judgment and go further down the rabbit hole or you can accept it, thank it, and appreciate it for providing an opportunity for growth. The energy of acceptance is the energy of love and allows for an opening up of your true self and deeper connection to your essence. When you are open you are instantly connected with all of your divinity and gifts and in complete alignment with your soul’s plan.  So opening up and accepting is a form of letting go, and this allows you to become closer to the REAL YOU.  How great is that?
  1. Repeat this process as often as you like. Each moment of judgment provides opportunity for enlightenment and allowance.  Repeating the process of acknowledgement and gratitude for your judgments opens a doorway to change and transformation. Each time you repeat this process your spiritual muscles strengthen and you are able to bring more of your brilliance and light to the world.


“Every judgment keeps anything that doesn’t match that judgment from showing up in your universe.”

~ Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness)