Have you let the Opinions of Others hold you back from being YOU?  True, Authentic, You?

How often do you give up your power to others and allow their opinions of you weigh you down and paralyze you from making a decision that is in your best interest?

All too often, we can get caught up in what others think of us and make ourselves smaller than we actually are.  As a society, so intent on being perfect in every way we give away pieces of ourselves to others to be judged, ridiculed, and measured so that we may have a chance at being LOVED and ACCEPTED.

I have news for you….

” True acceptance and love can never be bought, coerced, or stolen from another person.  It comes from within.  When you accept all parts of your WHOLE BEING you realize your potential and bring it to the planet in an incredible way”

So, how do you know if you are worshipping the opinions of others and in essence giving away your FREEDOM?

Here’s a few signs that you may be doing just that…

  1. You don’t FEEL FREE to be YOURSELF. You are fearful that if others really knew the REAL YOU they wouldn’t accept it and love it.  In fact, you fear that they may even laugh at you or judge you.  You may feel anxious or uneasy at the thought of people knowing who you really are.
  2. You feel STRESSED in SOCIAL Situations.  How many of us can relate to this? Being around others whether it be at work, or a gathering , a party, an event, and worrying if what we’re wearing or what our body looks like is good enough.  Worrying if we measure up to other people’s expectations and standards.
  3. You are a PEOPLE PLEASER.  You worry about what others think so much that it may even keep you awake at night.  You are careful not to upset anyone else or hurt their feelings and if you found out that you actually did it would cause you to be very upset and hard on yourself.


How can you Break FREE of the Opinions of Others and BE the real YOU?

Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself to know if you’re doing what’s best for you…

  1. Ask the question… Does this feel HEAVY or LIGHT? A fantastic tool that I learned in my Access Consciousness BARS therapy training, asking this simple question will allow you to go within and know what is truly in alignment with what’s right for you.  We often think that we have to debate and create all of this heaviness and anguish over making a simple decision.  When you are trying to please everyone else and feeling overwhelmed this is a great tool to use.  Simply sit or stand quietly and take a few deep breaths and bring to mind the situation you are concerned with making a decision over and ask the question (OUT LOUD if possible) Does this feel LIGHT or HEAVY? and then LISTEN to what you HEAR, SEE, KNOw, or FEEL.  Then choose to go with Light.  ” Light is Right “
  2. Ask the question… Do I feel OBLIGATED? So often we make decisions to do things our of obligation, not because it is actually the right thing for us.  Obligation can be so heavy and it often has ties to our ancestors and past lifetimes.  Obligation is the difference between SHOULD vs COULD. There’s a saying… Stop SHOULD-ING ALL OVER YOURSELF!  The energy of the word “Should” is obligatory and heavy, where as the energy of “Could” is more open and full of possibility and choice.  EX. You should really call your friend who you haven’t talked to in a long time, but you don’t really feel good after the conversation because it always ends up being negative… OR… You could call your friend, BUT, it doesn’t feel right at this moment and you’d rather call when you really feel good about it in your heart.  
  3. Ask the question…Who am I doing this for? Again, coming back to obligation and the energy of “should” but looking at it from one more perspective. How often do you consider yourself first? How often do you ask yourself ” What do I really want?”  or ” Does this feel right for me?” Try practicing some Spiritual Selfishness and allow the universe to fully support you and your choices.

” When you make a choice that is in alignment with your highest good, you allow the universe to respond with unwavering support and guidance. “

And then lastly…..

4.Make a choice REGARDLESS OF BEING SEEN OR APPRECIATED BY OTHERS. So often, we look to others for acknowledgment and appreciation, it’s our human condition.  But, what if you didn’t need the approval of others? How different would your life be if you made choices that were purely for you and you alone?  You’ve heard the saying… ” Dance as if no one is watching”?  I dare you.. ” Choose as if no one sees ” .

Begin to ask some of these questions and practice some spiritual selfishness and witness how you move forward in your life with greater, ease, joy, and LIGHT-ness!

BE Present, BE Love, BE Light

Until next time,

Love Catherine xo