Have you been feeling it’s time for something more?  Time to shift and get rid of the “stuff” that you no longer need?  Time to move forward with more ease and joy and be a magnet for success, love, and all that your heart desires?

Healing of the Body, Mind, & Soul ~

This is an energetic invitation for you to open up to more of your true self.  Join us for this special 7-week group meditation and healing series where you will be surrounded by love and angelic energy and learn powerful self-healing tools to carry with you on your journey of healing the body, mind, & soul.

Life can be busy and confusing at times.  We can often get trapped in thinking that we need to be like everyone else and live our lives according to what is expected and common.  But you did not come here to be common or to play small.. did you?  You have gifts inside of you waiting to come out and be of service so that you can fulfill your purpose here.

Inside each of us lies special “super powers” as I like to call them.  Divine gifts encoded within our DNA waiting to be acknowledged and used. And it is the birthright for each one of us to find out what our super powers are and learn how to use them to bring more love and joy to our lives and the world as a whole.

This is your time!  Each week you will learn something new….

  • Healing the past and becoming more empowered
  • Experiencing Pure Joy in your relationships and life
  • Compassion for yourself and others
  • Feeling at home here on earth and offering your divine gifts in service to others
  • Unity and connectedness with others
  • Shifting your energy from fear to love and raising your energetic vibration
  • Being Love

Give yourself the gift of becoming the TRUE YOU and embrace all of your SUPER POWERS!

This Series will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm in my home in Blackburn Hamlet. This is an intimate cozy group of 8 people who grow together over the course of the 7 weeks and become friends and soul buddies.  Each participant will receive a workbook and a certificate for being a part of this transformational experience.

Beginning Wednesday, March 8th,  and ending Wednesday, April 19th.  7 weekly sessions for $280 + HST