Do you wish to embrace the beauty within you?  You are so much more than a container, more than you skin, your eyes, your hair, your clothes, and your body.  Your body is a divine vessel of love for you soul and is a reflection of your inner world.

You are powerful, strong, courageous, and beautiful. You can change the world, with your heart open and your light shining.


What we can see in ourselves, we can see in others.  As women, we often are so harsh on ourselves and each other and don’t often take the time to acknowledge our gifts, talents, and beauty- inside and out.

It is time to rise & shine sister!

For years I wanted to be loved, acknowledged, and accepted amongst women.  I yearned to have close female friends and to share in their joy and have them share in mine.  I didn’t feel like I belonged in this world and felt a sense of competition, jealousy, and threat around other females.  I didn’t understand or appreciate the incredible connection that I could have with women and how beautiful this kind of soul sister love was.

Through energy healing, meditation, and connection my perception has shifted dramatically over the past several years of meeting some amazing women on my path.  I  have healed so many issues and misplaced perceptions about women and have learned to embrace others as unique, beautiful, and strong.

I have come to see that we are all similar in our desire to be loved and appreciated and have developed some beautiful soul sister friendships along the way.

For the past several years, I have been offering small group meditations and healing circles in my home with women and have enjoyed the many benefits that come along with this kind of sisterhood.

And so I was guided to create an offering that is accessible and open to all women who wish to be surrounded by the healing power of other women in a circle of trust, guidance, and divine energy.

I am pleased to announce a series of Monthly Women’s Healing Circles where we will gather, grow, and inspire each other to be our best version of ourselves through guided mediation and discussion.

I extend this heart-full invitation to you to join me for an evening of friendship, connection, love, and healing in a safe space free from judgment.

Let us connect and lift each other higher.

Let us ignite the flame within each of us and grow together.

Let us be sisters and heal any and all wounds that hold us back from realizing our truth and power.



This Month’s Theme:

The Theme I have chosen for the month of May is The Power of Forgiveness. The evening will consist of a group of women gathering, getting to know each other briefly, and then a group discussion on what it means to truly forgive ourselves and others and how the powerful energy of forgiveness can transform our lives and the way we see the world.  We will then set our individual intentions and our group intention for what we would like to heal, transform, shed, let go of, and release in our healing meditation process.   I will then guide the group through a special meditation process that I have created for this special evening.

Does this speak to you?  I would love for you to join us!

Friday, June 23rd ~ 7pm – 9pm  ~ $20 (save your spot below)

Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre ~ 3470 Trim Road Navan, ON K4B 1N7


“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” — Diane Mariechild


Join us....