Have you ever found yourself waiting for something to be perfect before you can get started on putting it out into the world in service to others?

Today in the Spiritually Fit session, I am going to talk about perfectionism and how it can keep us stuck and keep us from delivering and bringing our gifts here.

I’m working with this amazing woman and coach in my business. Her name is Lisa Larter, she’s fantastic, and she often says “Done is better than perfect”. It’s so, so true.

Done is better than perfect.

But often we get stuck in thinking that every little duck has to be lined up in a row before we can offer that thing, do that thing, present that thing, show that thing, whatever it may be.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, self-admitted. You know, ever since I was a little girl, I had to color inside the lines and make sure everything was perfect and then I’d want to pull my hair out if it wasn’t. So I was often plagued by that perfectionist attitude and it kept me from actually offering things in the way that I wanted to. Even in the video above,  I make mistakes and I stumble over my words, but who cares; You’re getting the message right? So often we keep ourselves stuck because we think it has to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

When you let go of perfect, you embrace purpose. You step into purpose.

That means that when you can let go of those perfectionist kinds of attitudes or tendencies or habits, you begin to show up for who you are, right now (which ironically is perfect) and bring your gifts to the world. So if you’re stuck with perfectionism, you can’t step up into your purpose.

You can’t show up the way that you were meant to.

So I want to give you three keys to let go of that perfectionism, to transform that perfectionism into embracing purpose.

#1 Ask yourself what you fear most and follow that. What is it you fear the most? Most likely depending on how in tune you are with the fear and the emotions and your healing, you might get a very surface answer like ” I just don’t want to share that” or ” I’m not afraid ” or  ” I just don’t have time. ” So follow that. What am I really afraid of? Sit down with a journal, a book, and ask that question, ” What do I fear most ?”, and then follow that automatic train of thought and see what comes up. Because often, it’s just that awareness of writing it down and actually looking at fear, and giving it some time and saying I see you and acknowledging it, that is the thing that minimizes it, shrinks it, and allows you to then move past it.


#2 Make a list of ten people that would benefit from you sharing, showing up, putting your offering out into the world right now. Ten people that if you wait any longer, they’re going to disappear. Ten people that could benefit from you showing up and just getting it out there or doing the thing that you wish to do right now in this moment.

#3 Booking a messy date with yourself. I have three kids and the youngest is two years old. He knows how to have a messy date with himself. So a messy date is where you book an hour or a day, or heck even take a week, (Wouldn’t that be awesome ?), and you just play and you have fun and there’s no need to get everything done. This is really great for that high functioning type A mentality that I used to be, to just book a date with yourself to be messy, to play, to have fun, to not worry about things not getting done around the house, to not worry about that workout that you had planned or anything else. Part of self care is just being messy too, and being playful and having fun, and being light with it all. So follow the toddler, be messy. They definitely know how to have messy dates and definitely know how to not be a perfectionist all the time.

Embrace that you’re perfectly imperfect, that you have all of the gifts needed to shine here on earth within you and that sometimes perfection comes in the most imperfect packages.

I’d love to hear in your comments or in the feedback the challenges that you face with perfectionism or something that you’ve overcome in regards to being perfect, and how you’ve embraced that, integrated that into your life and what that has meant for you.

I look forward to talking to you soon in another Spiritually Fit session.

So much love to you and blessings. Have a great day.


Catherine xo