Are you finding it tiresome to find the time and space to take better care of yourself and unsure what kind of self-care would be most beneficial to you?

It’s the beginning of a year and so this is a really great time to look at planning your self-care out for the year and making sure that you’re successful and that you get the results that you really want to get this year.

For myself, self-care began as mostly a physical practice when I was 20 years old and wanting to change so many of my bad habits so that I could get pregnant and have a baby. During my teenage years I was a heavy smoker, drinker, and consumer of fast food.  In short, I treated my body like a garbage can.  It wasn’t until I had the desire to become a mother and care for someone other than myself that I began to question the choices I was making and decided to make some changes.

I often say that I am the poster child for change because I am amazed at how I was able to change my negative habits into helpful ones and my body quickly reciprocated the love and care.

You see, the body can completely change and forgive you at any moment with the right level of willingness and desire and a good self-care plan to help start you on the path of manifesting the perfect body for you.

DISCLAIMER:  Don’t worry about how you will create the time to practice self-care.  Start with connecting with a balanced understanding of what a well rounded self-care routine looks like and go from there.

In my many years of working with others and helping them to take better care of their bodies and their needs, I have come to understand that self-care has 3 main components or 3 pillars as I will explain here.

The three pillars of self-care are body, mind and soul.

I’m going to break these down and explain why a well-rounded program of body, mind and soul is the best way to feel lightest in your bod and get the results you want rather than just approaching it from at traditional standpoint of physical self-care only.

  1. Body. Physical Self-Care often serves as a doorway or entry point to the others.   We are most often brought to physical self-care through a symptom of physical pain, illness, or something else on a goal which is mostly a physical and tangible one such as weight loss, increase in strength, or overall energy. The physical layer is the more dense layer of the human energy field and often easier to perceive at first if you’re not familiar with energy work or healing on levels beyond the physical one.  And most often the physical layer is the last layer for things to show up in when there are big life issues.  So someone could have a heart issue, a skin issue, or any kind of physical ailment or problem but it could have started in the emotional layer, mental layer, or even spiritual layers of their human energy field and made it’s way into the physical.  It’s important to have a self-care routine that of course addresses the physical symptoms, limitations, and function.  But, it is even more important I would say to incorporate self-care that nurtures the mental and spiritual aspects of your being as I will explain.  To ensure you are providing your body or vessel with ample movement, nourishment, and the right balance of these is vital to ensuring that your body is a well tuned instrument ready to carry you through the world with great ease and joy.  Take a look at your physical self-care practices and choose to do things that feel good for your body and that provide an array of different types of movements such as high intensity, low intensity, flexibility, structure, and flow.  Choose foods and beverages that uplift you and give you energy rather than deplete you and surround yourself with good options to make it easier to make good choices and therefore form good habits.
  2. Mind. The second pillar is mind or mindset because so much of what we think controls our reality, and so if you have a negative mindset or a mindset that’s prone to negativity, you can get sucked down the rabbit hole easily. You want to be putting some type of self-care in your day that’s going to help you with your mindset.  Just as you are choosing proper foods and movement for the body to ensure it operates at its best, you need to be choosing what words, thoughts, and ideas you are placing in your mind so it also operates at its best.  What are you reading?  Are you choosing texts and words that uplift you?  What are you watching on TV everyday? What are you listening to on the radio?  Your mind is a product of your environment as much as you body is.  What types of conversations are you having with others? Are you involving yourself in gossip-types of conversations or saying things that you don’t really want to say?

    If you’re struggling with a negative frame of mind recently I want you to choose to read something that will begin to shift your mindset.  And day by day, you will notice how the cloud lifts and the sun begins to shine within your mind.

  3. Soul.  The third pillar is soul or spirit and in my opinion the most important one.  This is the space where you listen to what your heart wants and what makes you feel most joyful and alive.  So often as adults we get dragged down into the collective thinking that life has to be hard or that we have to put aside our fun and carefree ways and be responsible all of the time.  How ridiculous an idea that is!   Soul based self-care is about getting in touch with your true essence, who you are. You’re getting in touch with that child-like innocence that you came into the world with, you know, before you started taking on all these belief systems and believing that things that weren’t true about you. If you didn’t have any responsibilities at all, what would you be doing with your time right now? What’s the thing that’s going to uplift you so much and make you feel so good and so joyful that it permeates your entire day?

    What’s the thing that’s going to uplift you so much and make you feel so good and so joyful that it permeates your entire day?

    Is it dancing? Do you need more of that in your life? Do you want to do some art? Do you want to sit and read a book without anybody interrupting you? Do you want to take a walk in the woods?

I have seen the powerful shift that can take place in only 10 minutes when you allow yourself to do what makes you feel joyful and free.

I want you to recognize that the circumstances don’t have to be perfect, and that you need to start somewhere. And by starting somewhere, you create this really great energetic domino effect and you feel like doing a little bit more because now you’ve had results, and then doing a little bit more from that.

Ask yourself daily what are you doing to give to yourself in these three ways: Body, Mind, & Soul.

If you’re looking to change something in your life know that the actions that will take you to your goal will most likely look very different from what you are currently doing.  Because your current actions and thoughts are creating your current reality.  Chances are moving forward you’re going to need some different tools.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and mix it up a bit. And give yourself permission to change things even on a daily basis depending on what you are feeling like each day.  Begin to learn about yourself and let your self-care routine serve as a place to explore and grow.

And if you’re looking for some help with determining what tools you need and some motivation and accountability to help you start taking better care of yourself, I am offering a FREE online training called “The Perfect Self-Care Routine for Your Inner Queen.” I am going to be hosting this live interactive training on Tuesday, January 23rd at 1pm EST.  During this training you will learn how to squash the no-time barrier and begin taking better care of yourself with my proven 3-step system to getting the most out of your self-care plan.

And I have also created a special sisterhood on Facebook called BE a Queen in 2018 . This group was created to help those women who wish to up level their self-care and surround themselves with other amazing like minded women who aim to inspire and uplift each other through healing and self-care based knowledge.

If you would love to be a part of the FREE training but the time doesn’t work for you or the date you can sign up and will receive the recording and video afterwards.  But if you can be there live, it’s going to be really great and you’re going to get a lot of value from it. I’m going to help you make this an incredible year and really take good care of yourself in the way that you really desire to. Because when you take good care of yourself, everything else flows so naturally from that.

It all starts here with you.

Namaste and Blessings

Catherine xo