How helpful is the No Pain, No Gain mindset?

It’s often been said that in order to achieve something great we need to push through the barriers and obstacles and have some degree of pain in the process.

This week, I want to take a look at the No Pain, No Gain mentality that many of us are familiar with and shed some light on this belief system so that we can move through our life with less emotional baggage and greater ease.

As I have mentioned is the past few weeks, this month is all about homecoming and the energetic returning home to yourself in a way that feels light and joyful.  This includes taking incredible care of your body, mind, and soul through a ritual of self-care tools and a balanced lifestyle.

And I felt that this topic this week would provide a space to look at the deeper meaning behind our mindset and how it affects our body and health and also to uproot something that may be causing you to behave in a way that is not serving your higher good.

It may come as much as a surprise to you as it did to me that life is not meant to be hard.

For years I had lived with the no pain, no gain mentality and pushed myself and my body to do things that were big achievements for me at the time and that would provide me with a sense of accomplishment and confidence.  Or so I thought.

What happened in actuality was the opposite- I felt alone, unaccomplished, and lacking in self-confidence.  I began to notice a loop of events repeating itself and started to pay attention.  The loop or Karmic pattern that I noticed was that the harder I pushed the more I felt i needed to push and eventually something would happen (an injury, pain, sickness) that would put a wrench in my plans of achieving my goal and set me back to what I felt was the beginning again.

Unaware for the first several loops that this occurred I continued to push under the no pain, no gain mentality and needed to prove to others that I was strong, confident, and capable.  This need to prove something to others came from a need to be loved and acknowledged; a wound that had not yet been healed.

I went through this karmic pattern so many times that eventually I started to notice my mindset and it’s effect on my body and behaviour and made a choice to shift and transform it into something lighter.  I began to study myself under the microscope of healing as I worked with healers and eventually opened up to becoming one myself.

And I decided to do the opposite of what I had been doing; take rest when I felt like pushing and encourage myself to move forward when I felt like quitting.

This shift in my mindset of doing things oppositely to what I had been was the beginning of a large transformation in my life and wellbeing.

I want you to take a look at the belief or mindset that life has to be hard.  And ask yourself if this is true?

Perhaps in the past you have struggled and felt like there was a weight pulling you down or holding you back.  And perhaps life has been one challenge after another for you.  But, perhaps you have also been your own worst enemy and have not yet become aware of the patterns that you have created that are keeping you stuck.

I want you to consider that life is a gift to be cherished and embraced in all of its facets and unexpected twists and turns.

And to hold the thought in your mind that you are always supported and surrounded with love in all of your endeavours and intentions.

In Integrated Energy Therapy there is a motto in one of our courses that goes like this :

” No pleasure, No treasure “

It means that by pursuing what feels light and joyful in our hearts, we are rewarded by the discovery of a treasure beyond what we could possibly imagine.

This does not mean that you will not have challenges and obstacles come up in the game of your life as you pursue games worth playing and goals worth playing for.  It simply means that you don’t have to suffer as you follow your heart’s guidance.

And the word “pain” is different for everyone.  When it is referred to here, it is meant in the sense of suffering rather than temporary pain or challenges.

One of my favourite quotes sums this up quite nicely:

” Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional ”   Buddha

We are now several weeks into this new year and you may have set intentions or goals at the beginning of January.  You may be well on your way to achieving those goals or you may feel unmotivated or discouraged about your year going forward.

In either case I encourage you to take a look at your beliefs around how hard things have to be and how much pain or suffering you actually need to endure to make your dreams a reality.

Apply this idea to all that you do and be open to seeing things differently.

BE open to co-creating a life full of ease, joy, and simplicity.

From my heart to yours, I send you love and blessings,

Catherine xo

PS- Next week I will be exploring the buzz around “Authenticity” and how the pursuit of it can actually push people further away from their true self.