Authenticity is a trending spiritual topic that often pops up in conversation and news feeds as we are in a phase of letting go of those things that no longer serve internally and in our external world and coming back home to ourselves.

The theme for the month of January continues to be one of homecoming and remembering who we are and with that it provides a space to look at the darker aspects of who we are and bring light to these areas so that we can rise up to our greatest potential here on earth.

I want to ask you ….

Is it possible to be Inauthentic?

I mean the word exists but does it actually mean anything? I have been pondering this question lately as I love to explore so that I may come to a deeper understanding about the truth of myself and I realized something crucial to the conversation about authenticity.

How in all of GOD’s possibilities could you ever be anything but authentic?

The very existence of you here, right now reading this, proves that you are indeed real, and that you exist.  You are as unique in your expression of the divine as they come.  And in your pursuit of remembering this and coming home to yourself and the absolute truth about all things perhaps you have stumbled and fallen, copied, duplicated, and tried on other people’s ideas, beliefs, and lies haven’t you?

But does the pursuit of authenticity make you inauthentic? What I mean is does you trying to figure out just what you are here for and who you are and not having it all handed to you from the beginning like everyone else not make you authentic.?

Grace is the energy of not having to have it all right from the beginning.  And Authenticity is the remembrance of that grace, the return home to yourself where you realize that there need not be any pursuit outside of yourself in the first place.

So in our over critical world (a darker aspect that is here to bring in more acceptance and light) of people deciding who is Authentic and who isn’t doesn’t it make sense to extend some grace and compassion to others and ultimately yourself as you navigate the world and wake up to exactly who you are?

Have you ever tried to do things like someone else when you were new to something and then found out that it didn’t actually fit with you?  And so you did something else or oppositely and found greater balance and peace within yourself?

So you could say that you had tried to be inauthentic first and then found your authenticity?  Your vibe, groove, truth, flow, dance, whatever you want to call it.  You found it through trying what someone else found to be good for them and in turn found your own way of doing it.

It’s not copying, it’s learning. People learn through trying out what others are doing and then deciding what’s best for them.

And from that we learn to believe and trust in our own inner voice and follow its guidance so one day we find ourselves dancing to the beat of our own drum all of the time.

Our ego is always looking to draw conclusions and comparisons between us and those around us.  And when our ego runs the show we don’t realize how polarized our thinking is and how much we separate ourselves from others.

It is in our togetherness that we are powerful.  And in our uniqueness that we increase the luminosity and brilliance of our light.

When you are stuck in judgment about who is authentic and who isn’t you are operating from the viewpoint of the ego and this can never end well for anybody.

When you choose to see yourself and others through the eyes of love and compassion as we all navigate being limitless spiritual beings in human bodies you rise above the place of the ego and into a higher realm of possibility.

In this place those you perceive as threats or as inauthentic can be seen as someone who is trying to navigate their way on a dark road without a flash light or map to guide them.  They are trying to find the light and the map but aren’t sure how so they are looking around them for help and doing whatever they can to move forward on that path.

Authenticity is simply being who you are meant to be.  It is an energy.  And it comes with doing the work and going inward.  A return to oneself and a letting go of the baggage from the past.

It is not an adjective we can apply to someone who we think is ” real ” or  ” fake” but rather a truth that can only be known from within each of us.

Because you exist, you are authentic.  GOD does not make inauthentic articles and place within them the brilliance and capacity to heal the planet. Remember this truth as you honour yourself and move forward on your path.

We are moving into February and there the theme of Self-Love and Compassion awaits us.  I look forward to helping you shine and be the light that you are meant to be.

I am honoured to share this space with you,

Namaste (The light in me sees the light in you)

Catherine xo