Have you every wondered to what degree how you feel about yourself affects your health and wellbeing?

Maybe this is a new concept for you or maybe you are well aware already of the effects that loving or hating yourself or anything in between can have on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  For over a decade I have been helping people live to their fullest potential through body work and health and healing tools.

I have come to see the incredible power of positive self-talk and self-love in healing your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

February is the month of Self-Love and Compassion in this space and so I thought discussing the role of your Inner Critic and Cheerleader in your life was a perfect fit.

Why is it that we so often listen to the voice of the Inner Critic over our Inner Cheerleader?

And how can we start to make a shift from the former to the latter?

Years ago when I was a personal trainer and competing in Power Lifting (It’s a sport where you lift really heavy weights) I was struggling to see myself the way I wanted to.  At this time I was also dealing with a lot of physical pain in my body from how hard I had pushed it to do things that perhaps weren’t entirely beneficial to it’s wellbeing.

I began to notice a connection between how I felt about myself and my thoughts and how that showed up in my body as pain and dis-ease.  And what I found was that most of the things I was achieving (success in my career and in my sport) came from a source of negative motivation or an inner critic.

I had an internal dialogue of “I’ll show them” and “Do what they think I can’t do”.

It didn’t occur to me at the time that I had no idea of knowing what their perceptions or thoughts were and more importantly that it didn’t matter.

It wasn’t until my divorce at the age of 28 that I began to take notice of the negative effect my internal dialogue and my lack of love for myself was creating in my life.  It was my experience with Energy Healing that began to awaken something in me that was unfamiliar to my human self at the time but so well recognized by my higher self.  And through letting go of old baggage and beliefs that didn’t serve me I set in motion a series of events that would help me to become more closely connected to who I really was and what I was meant to be doing here on this planet.

The voice of self-love or my Inner Cheerleader as I like to refer to it was something I had to work at creating as I had lost touch with it for so long.  I had to make a conscious decision to choose something positive to say about myself when I was feeling negative and critical and to see the gift in different situations.

Being optimistic and positive is a habit and a choice available to us all.

I looked at choosing the voice of my Inner Cheerleader over my Inner Critic as a strengthening exercise like when you lift an object such a weight over and over again and your muscles adapt and remember through muscle memory.

The more I chose Love, the stronger the message of Love became in my life.

When I look back at that time now I feel so grateful for all that I went through to get me to this point.  I know that light needs darkness to grow and rise within us.  So my Inner Cheerleader needed my Inner Critic to evolve and grow and become powerful.

Self-Love is not about getting rid of your critic. Your critic needs love too.  Your critic has lots of wisdom and lessons to teach you.  Self-Love is about honouring and acknowledging the aspects of yourself that have been hiding in the shadows.

When you love yourself for exactly as you are in this moment without needing to change anything, it is from that place that you access all of your divine nature and gifts.

Self-Love is the key to being in this world with Grace, Compassion, and Courage.  It is the place from which you can offer all of who you are in service to others and through that receive all that you could ever dream of or ask for.

Make a choice today to awaken to the voice of the Inner Cheerleader inside of you.  Practice patience as you get to know this aspect of yourself and in that be Love for yourself and those around you.

I send you Love today and always,

Catherine xo