Welcome to Spring!

Winter is on its way out and along with it the quieter energy of going inward, hibernating, and resting. I took a much needed break myself during these past few weeks to go inward and reorganize my intentions and priorities and made some changes that are in better alignment with where I am going. This is the first post I have written for several weeks and with it comes a renewed sense of purpose and grace in recognizing that all is perfect and so I find myself here with you now. Welcome back ūüôā

Spring is all about birth, rebirth, growth, and pushing through to the light.  This may seem like a heavier time energetically for you if you have a lot to purge, let go of, or reconcile within yourself.

New Projects are on the verge of catapulting themselves forward with an enthusiasm and joy perfectly in tune with the energy of Spring time.  But, in order for these new projects to see the light of day they require love, commitment, and courage.

I often say, ” All paths lead to self-care”.

And i say this because I have come to see in my own life that my journey of learning to love and appreciate myself  just as I am without the need for judgment, criticism, and wrongness has brought me to the self-care space and the many variations that arise within it.

So often I find myself in conversations with others about the challenges of learning to love their bodies, quieting their mind chatter, and ultimately living the best life possible. ¬†And in these conversations and exchanges I also find all paths leading back to taking care of the body, mind, and soul as a way of accessing the power and confidence to make the changes necessary in one’s life.

The question always arises at some point in the conversation ” What are you doing to take care of yourself?”

After years of working with others in self-care I have noticed one thing always stands out:

When people understand and have a clear pathway to what self-care can do for them and the benefits involved they are more likely to do it.

From Clarity comes Action.

So, I comprised a list of the 5 W’s of Self-Care to help bring Clarity and therefore Action in enriching your life with a self-care practice that feels light and easy for you.

The 5 Ws of Self-Care:


  • WHAT. What is Self-Care? Self-Care in my view is anything that brings you a greater sense of ease, simplicity, and self-love. ¬†It is the act of setting aside the time for yourself so that you can learn give your body and mind what they need to let go of anxiety, stress, anger, pain, or anything that is going off as an alarm to bring your attention to the present moment where everything can be addressed and healed. ¬†Self-Care for many begins as a physical practice but often transforms into a practice of meditation and mindfulness. ¬†If you’re just starting out with self-care try some different things to get a feeling for what makes you feel your best. ¬†There are so many great ideas and offerings out there at your fingertips just by searching online. ¬†If you’d like to try a bit of everything I’ve created a 7 Day Self-Care Offering that is absolutely Free. ¬†You can access it here¬†¬†¬†¬†


  • WHO.¬†Who is Self-Care for? ¬†Or rather who can benefit from a practice of self-care? ¬†My personal opinion would be every person but my experience has taught me that it is most often sought out and made a priority by those individuals who are looking for a deeper connection with their body and the world around them. In other words, those who are ready for things to change in their life (relationships, body image, career, and transformation) will most often become interested in taking better care of themselves and shifting the way they see themselves and others


  • WHERE. Where do you practice Self-Care? ¬†I find it helpful to create a space that you love in your home when you’re starting a self-care practice. ¬†A sacred space or corner of a room just for you that feels safe and serene. ¬†Take a look around your house at possible spaces that would be suitable. ¬†If you’re living in a space with a lot of clutter you might want to begin some outward decluttering of this space so that you can benefit from the internal decluttering that will follow in how you feel and behave in this space. When you are in a clean, clutter free space that has a great uplifting energy you will be more likely to want to spend time here and more open to practicing self-care. ¬†Your self-care space doesn’t have to be in your home; it can be an outside space in a garden or park or in the woods. ¬†Choose somewhere that makes you feel at home within yourself and comforted when you think of it.


  • WHEN. When is Self-Care best? For myself, I find first thing in the morning to be most beneficial as it sets me up for my day and grounds me in my purpose and heart. ¬†However, it is not always the best time for others and so I would say that any time of day that you can put aside some time to practice self-care is beneficial. ¬†It is a misconception that self-care has to take hours per day. ¬†I have seen the incredible shifts and results in my own life and in the lives of my clients that 5-10 minutes per day can bring. ¬†Some people prefer to have self-care all at once and others prefer it to be broken up throughout the day. ¬†The purpose of self-care is to bring your attention into the present moment which is a benefit that will serve you all day long. ¬†It is not so much about how much but how effective that matters. ¬†The important thing is to learn to listen to your body and your inner guidance so that you can navigate life and its twists and turns.


  • WHY. ¬†Why is it important to practice self-care? I see this sort of like working out in a gym or sport and then carrying those results into your everyday life to see the real benefit. ¬†Many people don’t love working out or exercising for that matter but they understand that when they move their body and build strength, endurance, and flexibility they are better equipped to handle everyday stresses and demands placed on their bodies. ¬†Self-Care becomes like the trainer for not only your body but also your mind and spirit in that the mindfulness and awarenesses that are a result of spending time doing things that bring you joy and lighten the stress of everyday life can be measured throughout your day and dealings with others. ¬†When you flex your mind muscle in meditation for instance, you are better able to deal with issues that arise during your work day that would usually cause you to feel stressed or anxious. ¬†You are able to see yourself getting triggered or angry from a situation and rather than becoming reactive you are able to be responsive which brings with it a sense of empowerment and confidence. ¬†The more important question is WHY NOT practice Self-Care? ¬†There are an infinite amount of benefits that arise from making your own wellbeing the main priority in your day. ¬†From this place everything flows more easily and simply falls into place.


If you’re looking to learn some easy and highly effective self-care tools I am hosting an in person workshop on April 14th @ Epic Fitness & Lifestyle from 1-3pm.

During this workshop I will teach you:

  • My favourite self-care tools for transforming your body into one that you love
  • A simple and feel-good body movement practice to make loving your body possible
  • The simplest way to turn your sensitive nature into your greatest superpower
  • Why Meditation and Mindfulness should be your new BFFs and how they can help you to kick ass in everyday life!

The workshop is limited to 20 participants.  For more info and to register click here 


Until next time,

Take good care of yourself

<3 Catherine