Have you ever experienced the frustration that sets in from trying so hard to accomplish something and leaves you with a heavy feeling?

You know the feeling I mean…

The one that leaves you feeling angry, upset, or drained of your energy.  Or worse, the one that leaves you feeling empty and unable to move forward toward actualizing your potential and your dreams.

We’ve all been there. Me included.  And something I’ve learned from witnessing my perceived failures, successes, and everything in between is that I needed to change my mindset around my approach.

What if your perception is the only thing that needs to change?

If you get super passionate about new projects and helping others like I do then you can probably relate to catapulting yourself into action quickly and needing to see results happening almost immediately.  Sound familiar?

The problem or challenge with always being this way though is that you go against the very nature of the flow of life.

What if doing LESS will actually provide you with the results that you want?

Recently I have been reflecting on Being vs Doing and how this energetic duo play a significant role in manifesting our life’s intentions, goals, and desires.

I have found that in order to make any dream or vision a reality it needs two energies:

The Energy of Doing– this is the masculine energy of taking action, getting things done, planning, sorting, prioritizing, executing, and all things related.  The Energy of Doing is powerful like the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) and has the capacity to make big changes happen when properly guided and timed.

The Energy of Being– this is the feminine energy of allowing, trusting, unfolding, creating, waiting, opening, and anything that resonates with receiving.  The Energy of Being is powerful in a subtle way like the 4th chakra (the heart) and has the capacity to divinely guide our actions of Doing so that they are in alignment with our highest good and the highest good of others.


Being + Doing = Amazing Kick Ass Results in a surprising and better way than you can imagine.

You see, when we are so focussed on attaching ourselves to the outcome or the result that we think we want we actually cheat ourselves out of the very thing that would bring us the feeling we desire and the biggest gift.

I am not saying to stop planning, trying, or acting.  These are important things in our world.

I am simply saying that the balance of doing and acting with letting go and allowing will bring you an outcome that is more in alignment with who you truly are and where you are going.

By infusing your actions with greater allowance and patience, you ensure your victory because you are now entering into partnership with the creator of all things.

If you’re currently feeling stuck in an area of your life and have tried countless things to get over the speed bump (or what feels like mount Everest on some days) then I encourage you to try this:

LET GO, fall, relax, forgive, open.

Give it a try and see how it feels.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you only knew,


Love and Peace,

Catherine xo