Namaste friend,

Do you ever feel like you need a fresh start?  Some space between you and the story that’s unfolded around you? A space to start anew and bring all the best of who you are to a new endeavour, project, or piece of work where the past is not going to taint or obscure the outcome?

It’s common to get wrapped up in the stories, lies, and false-isms about life and to begin to believe that you are something different than who you actually are.  Mistakes have been made and perhaps you’re letting them bring you down.  Have you given away your sense of who you are to others to let them tell you who you are?

And so you may feel like you need to escape all together and start fresh without any blemishes or marks against you.  You may feel that the current situation you’re in will not allow for a complete rebirth and for others to see the truth of the situation.

The dilemma becomes ” Do I stay or Do I go?”

Karma is the grace bestowed upon us to have unlimited chances to get something right.  It is the voice saying ” It’s ok, you can have another shot at this.” But the problem arises when we as humans get too caught up in perfectionism and needing something to be done with and healed already.

The truth is that either way you get a lesson, a healing, a blessing.  If you stay in a situation it is an opportunity to see yourself in a new light as all of life around you reflects something in you that needs to be embraced, loved, attended to.  Conversely, you also grow when you leave a situation to pursue new interests.  You set a new stage and attract new people, places, circumstances to help you also see that truth within you and become that much closer to awakening to life and all of its miracles.

Either way, choose with love and without judgment.

Allow yourself to fail and remove any expectation of things working out exactly as you thought they should.  Simply be open to life and to you receiving exactly what you asked for but perhaps in a new and surprising way.

You bring your unresolved issues with you wherever you go. They are imprinted in your cellular memory of your body and energy system.  And awareness is the healer of these energetic bruises.  So regardless of where we choose to be, we can view life from a spiritual point of view and ask the question:

What lesson can I learn here?

The awareness that comes forth when this question is asked is powerful and loving enough to heal all of your wounds.

I often think, if we could really understand how much we are loved and cherished we would let so much more go than we do.  It is in the knowing of what we are and what we are made of that we awaken to the truth of love in our lives.



But remain in the changeless energy of Love.  Let it anchor you in your body and know that you are safe, protected, and full of possibility and choice in every moment.



Catherine xo