Today marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day and shortest night.  But, what does this mean for you?  Why is this important to know?

The season of Summer is all about things coming into fruition, literally things flowering and growing, and metaphorically ideas, insights, and gifts being brought into reality.

The sun and the earth have a bond with each other of giving and receiving.  The sun gives with its brilliance and life giving force of fire allowing things to grow, expand, and fulfill their potential. The earth receives this golden energy and turns it into something useful, sustaining, and nourishing for all of its inhabitants.

During the past few months since the Winter Solstice in December we have all been preparing and planting seeds, new projects, ideas perhaps, have been forming in our minds, hearts and all around us.  And as we have grown closer to this day the sun has given us more light and fire to bring these passion projects to life.

You have most likely felt this happening in your own life and within you. The growing of passion and the realization that your projects are that much closer to becoming reality.

You are not alone. It is written just as the flowers will bloom that your gifts and talents will be brought out in some way and that you will fulfill your purpose here.

So how can you embrace this Summer Solstice energy of life, passion, and transformative fire to help you in your life?

  1. Get Grounded.  Take a walk in nature and enjoy its bounty.  Listen to the creatures and birds around you.  Sit, close you eyes and take it all in.  Spend time in nature each day and allow the energies around you to fill  you with abundance and love.
  2. Play.  When was the last time you did something just for the joy of it? Remember your summers as a child?  Remember the freedom of no school, no rules, and fun?  If this wasn’t your childhood then you can simply make it so right now. Relive your childhood by connecting with your inner child and letting him/her dance, play, splash around, jump through puddles, build sandcastles, and simply be.  Your inner child is inside of you waiting to come out and play!
  3. Be open to receiving. Summer and it’s energy is all about life giving us gifts.  If we are not open to receiving the divineness of life then how can we possibly expect our lives to look and feel the way we want them to?  The cycle of giving and receiving is such that it increases to the degree that we are willing, the more we are giving, the more we are receiving.  Open your arms literally or metaphorically to receive what life has for you.  Are you open to receiving?


Summer and its fullness bring us opportunity to be our best, to fulfil our potential and live with greater depth, meaning, and joy.  It provides a precious opportunity to step up and grab life by the horns, reins, or whatever metaphor you desire so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and Summer reminds us of this truth.

So plunge in and enjoy!  Do it for you and know that in doing so others will benefit immensely because you will have assisted in tipping the scales that much more in the favour of self-love and self-compassion.

For more insights on Summer Solstice and its significance I recommend checking out Mystic Mamma.

Summer Solstice Blessings to you,