Dearest One,


Have you ever felt a connection to the world of healing and wondered if you have similar gifts to offer?


Are you feeling called to step more into your gifts and are looking for some guidance and support to help you shine your bright light and help others do the same?

If you’ve read this far then you can most likely relate to being intuitive, sensitive, and empathic in nature and may have experienced this calling to be of service in a bigger way bubbling up inside of you but weren’t sure exactly how or what was needed to bring it all to life.


And you may be starting to think to yourself…. Am I a Healer?


The answer to that lies in the truth that we are ALL HEALERS in some form or another.  We don’t all resonate so strongly with the Healer Archetype in our psycho-spiritual makeup but we can all relate to wanting to do something bigger than ourselves at one point or another along our path.

The cosmic shift that is happening both within us and in our outer world is ushering us all into a new beginning and phase of our soul development and plan.  Many are waking up to their divine gifts that have been planted there as seedlings since the beginning of their existence and wanting to step more boldly into these new shoes and be a Change Maker in the world.

It can be exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time when you are going through the shifts and transitions in order to prepare you for what’s next.


An inner excavation and uprooting of that which no longer serves must occur in order to be who you are meant to be and bring all of that gloriousness forward.


It can be a bit of a wild roller coaster ride, with twists and turns, ups and downs, and everything in between as you find your grounding and firmly plant yourself in this new space of Healer, Miracle Worker, Energetic Coach, Earth Angel, Divine Enchantress, Mystical Creator, or whatever title you choose to wear like a badge of honour.

And it can be scary, frightening, and a bit lonely at times as you leave the old familiar world to embark on this new journey of fulfilling your divine purpose here on earth.

We are in the beginning phases of the RISING OF THE DIVINE FEMININE and a RETURN TO LOVE on earth and there are new opportunities and experiences being offered at a quickening rate with the birth of many new energy healing practices, modalities, and offerings gaining greater acknowledgement and appreciation.

It’s all so beautiful and wonderful to see!


As a Healer, you bring much needed light and love to the planet through your thoughts, actions, and intentions.


Of course, it is not necessary to get certified as a ” Healer” to practice.  After all, GOD doesn’t care if you have a certificate or not.  But, there are many healing certifications and modalities that offer a system and support as well as help you energetically prepare for helping others and yourself on this journey.

I started as a client of Energy Healing 11 years ago and naturally gravitated towards wanting to become certified as a practitioner and then as an Instructor.  This led me to want to help even more people nurture their gifts and so I opened the School of Healing Hearts this year.

This is a space to teach, inspire, and support those feeling an energetic pull towards Energy Healing as they step into their gifts and to give them a solid foundation to work with others using a proven system and healing sequence.

It works and the results are incredible.  🙂


Healing is like plugging yourself into the motherboard and getting a recharge for your body, mind, and soul.


It’s the one thing that I can say is constant in my life as it provides me with the energy and tools I need to be my best self and contribute to healing the planet.

Wherever you are on your journey, I send you love and light and pray that you know how necessary and important you being here is for us all.

Thank you and infinite blessings,

Catherine xo