I’ve been giving more thought lately to the idea of ownership and what it all truly means.  Months ago we (my husband and myself) made a big decision to sell our home and become renters for the first time in a long time and although this brought up some fears around my perception around my value, it also gave birth to a new way of being, more freedom and flow in my life.

We felt for the first time in years a lighter way of living and being in the world , less attached to old ideals and beliefs and we rejoiced in being in this new space of possibilities.

And then that got me thinking….

What if I approached all of my life as a renter or a visitor?  And so I played with that energy and became more receptive to it (the divine feminine) and watched my perceptions change and my life began to unfold in a new and exciting way.

Months later I found myself saying YES to opening a meditation studio (coming this Fall to downtown Ottawa), restructuring my business so I could have even more time with my family (it’s been the best summer yet), and meeting so many incredible people through new community projects such as Happiness on the Hill (Parliament Hill Meditations).

And life keeps getting better the more I say YES to new possibilities and let go of needing to stay in the same situation and protect myself from harm or be defensive in any way.

So I ask you….

How would life be different for you if you saw your experiences and life situation through the eyes of a visitor rather than a resident or owner?

We act as if we own all that is within our reach. Our houses, our cars, our bodies, our jobs, our children; we act as if we own them all. “But my name is on the paper we say”, “ I own this thing” “ I am the owner ! “What a ridiculous belief it is to own something.

How grand a notion for the ego to hook Itself into pretending and justifying its way as it goes along acting so honest and true.

But .… Can anything ever be truly owned? Can you prevent it’s death, or it’s deteriorating, it’s failing? Surely if you are the owner you must be able to at least prevent these things from happening?

What if you decided to play a game of “ I am simply a visitor here for the moment and will return to where I came from when I am done” ?

I like to see my life from this view point; I am simply renting my body, visiting this home, staying in this city, partaking on a journey within this business.It’s freeing and illuminating. The truth is that none of it belongs to me. Only the truth is mine; between myself and God that’s all that exists.So until I leave, I choose to be the best visitor I can and leave things better than I found them.

Infuse them with greater love and kindness for the benefit of the world as a whole.

Let’s be visitors together.

In love and light,


PS. Oh and sometimes I like to play “ visitor being a tourist “ when I take a group of amazing souls to one of the most beautiful places on earth in Costa Rica. More details here