There is a term floating around out there in the world – Woo Woo.

It is used to describe someone that works with energy, healing, crystals, tarot cards; basically a new age witch or mystic as people may choose to see it.

And I feel that I must address it.  I feel a visceral responsibility to give some deeper insight surrounding this word and the healing world in general, having lived in this space for a great deal of my life (and many lifetimes before this one).

I have often seen this term used on social media and heard it in conversations when someone is describing the world of working with energy or trying to understand it and I have noticed a few things about its presence and usage:

  • It is most often accompanied by ignorance and shame – those using it don’t often have a good understanding of energy or are afraid to show up as they are and embrace their divine gifts
  • It is funny, it sounds funny and looks funny– people laugh and it distracts them from the fact that they are talking about something of incredible importance and value.  It becomes a light joke without depth.
  • It lacks awareness– if we truly understood the power of its usage and how we are stunting the growth of healing we would cease to use it in a negative way.

(Now, I have often said that words are neutral and it is not the word but the meaning behind it that gives it power. When I am speaking of the term Woo Woo here I am referring to its negative vibration in the world.)

Words have vibration and the more we use them in a negative or positive way it amplifies out into the world.

What are we really trying to describe or say when we use the term Woo Woo?

I have often heard…. “Oh, you know she works with Woo Woo type stuff”  

What if we chose to say something different?

How about “She works with Energy Healing.  It’s a higher vibration than physical therapy and works much quicker with less side effects” or ” She works with God energy and Angels to help you feel lighter in your body, mind, and spirit”

Because, what we are really trying to say when we use the term Woo Woo is…


Why are we frightened as a society to say these words out loud?

When you choose to follow instead of lead and stay small by referring to what you do or others do to help others as “woo woo” you do a dis-service to your fellow sisters and brothers who are working with you to bring greater love to the planet.


You couldn’t be closer to the source of creation if you tried.  It’s within you always and part of your DNA.  To try to mask it because you feel uncomfortable that people won’t like you or respect you is FEAR.

Fear keeps us hidden and unable to show up in the way we’re meant to.  Perhaps you’ve used this term yourself, or perhaps you’re an energy healer who is fearful of what people may think when you describe your work in a way that uplifts and supports both you and those around you.

Now more than ever it’s time to RISE, put petty games aside and LET GO of what others may think about you.


There is no better time than this moment to decide that you are going to let God lead the way.


From one miracle worker to another, I believe in you,

Love always,

Catherine xo