You’re invited!

Come join us for an atmospheric evening of awesome meditation, delicious food and beverage, and amazing people.

All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Many cultures have a celebration to honour those who have passed before us. Not only the people, but also the events. Even the events in the pasts of our own lives are behind us, dead and gone. But without our pasts, how could we be where we are today?

Meditation allows us to be thankful for our past, honour the present, and feel blessed to have a future. It also allows us to tap into the more subtle energies that run through us.

Meditation can allow you to feel things that you did not even know were possible. It is honestly one of the most amazing experiences that we have and we want to share that with you as part of a fun and awesome Halloween Meditation Party!

~ A Meditation created to integrate your past , present, and future self will be led by Catherine Hull ~ Energy Healer and Self-Care & Empowerment Coach.

~ Mindful Nutrition presentation and Delicious snacks by Holistic Nutritionist, Lauren Duffell.

~ Nutritious Smoothie and Kombucha Bar by Sara Mokhtar.

~ Mini Energy Healing Sessions and Tarot Card Reading by Jasmine Moore and Adrienne Tessier.

Your Hosts,
Catherine, Lauren, Jasmine, and Adrienne and Sara ♥

Friday, October 26th ~ 6:30pm – 9:30pm   |     Location sent once payment is received.  Limited seating.  

Friday, October 26th ~ 6:30pm - 9:30pm