Let us take you on the journey of a lifetime….

Catherine Hull

Catherine Hull

Lead Facilitator

Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Lead Facilitator

Amber Smith

Amber Smith


Samantha Dove

Samantha Dove


Transformation.  Sacred Space.  Connection.

Are you ready to take a step out of your comfort zone and transform into a new way of being? 

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will uplift you, support you, and excite your senses like never before in a community of like-minded people in one of the most beautiful and sacred spaces on the planet? 

Do you feel ready to shed layers of who you are not so you can step into who you are fully and completely? 


These 10 Days could be exactly what you’ve been looking for….


Introducing…. The OM Retreat for personal transformation,  connection, and growth in two of the world’s most diverse landscapes and sacred spaces of Costa Rica.  

 “ Four times in my first week back was I asked how I had all of a sudden become so peaceful.I had never had an experience which touched my soul and allowed me such introspection  and personal growth without discomfort. The love and support, the beauty and glory was truly magical. As a busy professional with three children, this trip recharged me and helped me find peace.  I cannot say enough about the teachers and hosts who allowed ALL our activities to be smooth as silk! IT was amazing and I recommend it without reservation.” 

Sylvie B. Ontario


Join us for 10 days of relaxation, fun, adventure, and personal growth as you discover two of Costa Rica’s most lush and vibrant ecosystems. 

We start your retreat with a boost of natural energy on the impressive Osa Peninsula considered ” the most biologically intense place on earth” by National Geographic Magazine.  Enjoy walks under the vibrant rainforest canopy, embark on a fun boat tour on the Golfo Dulce to interact with wild dolphins, meditate within this magical landscape surrounded by abundant wildlife and lush tropical vegetation.   





Next, head to the base of the famous Chirripó Mountain, the highest peak in the country. It is here, in this most serene location that you will encounter breathtaking landscapes from cascading riverbeds to green covered mountain tops.  

Follow daily yoga and meditation sessions overlooking this luxuriant mountain landscape, enjoy hiking the lush green Cloudbridge Reserve, visit the colourful secret gardens and enjoying a relaxing and fun spa treatment by the flowing Rio River. These are but a few things that you will experience on this exciting retreat escape!

” Right from the very first evening at the hotel in Alajuela as we were all gathering in the lobby to meet for supper. I didn’t know a soul but felt  so included right away. During the entire week I never once felt like I was on my own. In fact, quite the opposite; I felt so much love and care and compassion from a bunch of very amazing women. What an awesome group of powerful, inspiring examples of kindness.  My heart is full of gratitude. “

Donna, Nova Scotia


What you’ll experience….


◊ Morning Revitalizing and Nurturing Movement and Ecstatic Dance Sessions in both the Yoga Room and outdoor platform at Ojo Del Mar (Ocean setting) and the Yoga Shala at Rio Chirripo Lodge (Mountain setting) led by all facilitators

◊ Evening Relaxing and Restoring Fireside Chats and Meditation Sessions

◊ Healing Sound Bathing Class with our co-facilitator /sound healer Amber Smith and a Local Costa Rican Sound Healing Artist in both locations.  

◊ Transformational workshops led by The Peace Room co-founders Jean-Luc Boissonneault and Catherine Hull 

◊ Nature Walks and Forest Bathing Sessions with our Costa Rican Nature experts Martine and Jason in both Ocean + Mountain settings 

◊ Energy Healing and 1 on1 Meditation Sessions in the natural beauty of our surroundings to relax your mind and body by your retreat leaders ( Early Bird Special includes 30 minute session,  additional time or sessions available for an extra cost)

◊ Daily Excursions and Activities including the Secret Gardens, The Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Organic Chocolate Tasting Tour, Dolphin Boat Tour, Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, River Spa and more

◊ Plenty of Quiet Time to read, relax, sit by the pool or the river, and take in the beauty of your surroundings

◊ Delicious and Healthy Meals made with Love and Care 3 x per day

◊ Connection with other amazing like-minded souls in one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places on earth


This retreat experience is for you if….


✧   You want to find inner peace and harmony and learn effective self-care tools like meditation, ecstatic dance, sound healing, journalling, energy healing, and many others to help you deepen your personal practice and love yourself unconditionally.


✧   You want to connect with a community of people who can appreciate and honour you and who you can be your authentic self around. 


✧   You are ready to get out of your own way, let go of fear, and rise to a new level of greatness in your life, career, relationships, and health. 


“I did something for me, and it’s one of the best decisions of my life. Work, family, life gets so busy and we just get wrapped up in the rat race. Coming here just completely opened up my heart and my soul.”

Lynn, Ontario

We are thrilled to have such an incredible group of teachers this year to make this experience that much more special for you…..

Lead Facilitator – Catherine Hull

Catherine has been a student of wellness and spirituality since her early years and has witnessed the power of self-healing tools like meditation and energy therapy in her life through overcoming addiction, pain, emotional issues, and low self-worth.  Her own personal journey of learning to heal and love herself has led her to work with others over more than a decade to help raise the level of love and consciousness on the planet.  Catherine approaches health from a wholistic view of body, mind, and soul working together and empowers others to remember that they have the power to heal themselves from within.  

Catherine is a self-care & empowerment advocate, coach, and energy healer, as well as a co-founder of The Peace Room Modern Meditation Studio in Ottawa.  She has led dozens of retreats and workshops and is especially fond of this retreat in Costa Rica where she will be returning with a group of amazing teachers and participants for the 4th year.  Costa Rica is the place where her soul feels most at home and she is passionate about sharing this special space with others because she knows the powerful transformation that it offers.


Lead Facilitator – Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Jean-Luc Boissonneault is a healer at heart, sacred relationship coach and co-creator of The Peace Room. Author of 8 self-development books. A corporate speaker on stress management and level 2 graduate of the International school of temple arts. He has been helping clients with their health since the age of 17 years old.


Co-Facilitator – Amber Smith

Sound is a powerful tool for working with the human body on many levels. People often come away from sound healing sessions speaking of inner shifts, deep relaxation, transcendent states, healing and new realizations. Sound can help transform and clear old patterns. Experience more connection to self and harmony with your world in Amber’s group workshops, meditations and sound baths.

Amber grew up studying music and holds a diploma in Audio Engineering. For over a decade she worked in the music industry while her yoga practice and meditation helped her cope with re-occuring anxiety. Through her practice, she realized that a deep unrest stemmed from living out of alignment with her truest nature. She was called to create spaces for rest, re-connection, healing, harmony and creativity. Amber focuses her practice where Science, Spirituality and Creativity intersect. A certified Meditation Teacher and Sound Healer, she is passionate about nature, music, the study of spiritual traditions and sacred spaces. Her sessions are infused with a deep sense of loving kindness and reverence for the divine in each of us.


Co-Facilitator – Samantha Dove


Soar to the next level of your personal practice with Yoga & Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and Hypnotist Samantha Dove! With a passion for fun, relaxation, and intuitive movement, every session with Samantha is something fresh and exciting to look forward too. First trained by my 72 year-old yogi Gran (who is still teaching yoga btw), I have been blessed to have been passed down a love for yoga and holistic healing. Having overcome sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, Samantha Dove has seen the light and come out stronger on the other side. Her passion and purpose in this life is to empower other women to do the same by showing them the light within themselves.



      On this retreat, Samantha will guide you to your own inner wisdom, giving you the keys to take back power and control over your inner world and watch it transform your outer reality. As a light worker, Samantha will share with you her tools to transform dense, tense energy into light loving energy. Immersed in the lush landscape of Costa Rica on this beautiful adventure, Samantha is excited to cultivate a radiant inner peace that you both will carry home in your hearts.  I can’t wait to connect with you, hear your story, and be a part of your life’s healing journey.


“I’ve travelled a lot and I can say that this was the most enriching experience. I felt at ease, relaxed and present in every moment.  This was the best gift I have ever given myself.”

Adrienne, Ontario 



Ojo Del Mar 

Soar along the Pacific coastline all the way to the Osa Peninsula. You will be staying at the foot of the majestic Corcovado National Park in Matapalo, an enchanting beachfront community perfectly nestled between the warm Pacific Ocean and the dense tropical rainforest. Find yourself in a naturally created corridor where the density of animals is greater than anywhere else in the country.

You will be staying at Ojo Del Mar, a lovely relaxed beachfront ecolodge with impressive views of the ocean and lush primary rainforest. Wake up to the sound of howler monkeys in the distance and exotic birds like scarlet macaws showing off their bright colours while flying overhead. Everywhere you’ll look, you’ll see abundant wildlife and incredible scenery.



Rio Chirripo Lodge


Next, take a drive along the coast and head up to the heart of the
Talamanca Mountain Range in the south central portion of Costa Rica. It is here, nestled between wooded hills and the fast flowing Chirripó River that you will find Rio Chirripó Lodge, a refuge from the pressures of a busy world, a place of refreshment for mind and body.  Throughout its grounds the vivid hues of abundant tropical flowers and shrubs beguile the eye and enchant the spirit.




In both locations, indulge in healthy, inspiring dishes, incorporating a wide  selection of locally sourced fresh organic ingredients, providing a culinary experience that will nourish, satisfy and make your Costa Rican escape as perfect as nature intended.

What’s Included

Travel Dates: Saturday February 29th – Monday, March 9th, 2020 ( 10 Days , 9 nights)


  • Transfer from airport to hotel in San José on arrival.
  • Meet & greet with Catherine, Jean-Luc, Amber, and Samantha at your lovely boutique hotel in San José followed by a group dinner (meal optional).
  • First and last night private accommodation in San José with complimentary breakfast.
  • Scenic domestic flight to Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula. meet and greet with Martine, your adventure hostess for the trip.

  • Three nights, double or multiple occupancy, in Ojo del Mar, a beautiful ecolodge overlooking Matapalo beach and four nights double occupancy, at Rio Chirripó Lodge in the mountains

  • Three delicious meals per day starting with lunch at each lodge on your arrival day. Unlimited tea, complimentary fresh juices and coffee at breakfast. Specialty coffees, juices and alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

  • Private microbus transfer from Rio Chirripó Lodge to San Jose. A scenic drive with impressive views of the mountains and the magical landscape of Costa Rica
  • Morning and Evening Meditation and Movement Sessions in both locations by the ocean and in the mountains with breathtaking views
  • Transformational Workshops and Daily Sessions with our teachers in the beautiful yoga rooms at both Ojo Del Mar and Rio Chirripo Lodge.
  • Private microbus transfer to hotel in San José on departure
  • Your very own RR Escape host to help you plan optional tours, fun onsite activities and lead scenic hikes and walks around the property.
  • A basic gratuity for the staff at Rio Chirripó Lodge and Ojo Del Mar
  • Guided hike to the Primary Forest Cloudbridge Reserve
  • An inspiring guided walk through the secret gardens
  • An invigorating river spa treatment using natural ingredients from coffee scrubs to freshly picked aloe vera plant.
  • A divine chocolate tasting workshop featuring locally grown cacao
  • A fun and inspiring Dolphin Boat Tour on the Golfo Dolce ($75 value Early Bird Bonus)
  • Energy Therapy + Meditation Sessions in either ocean or mountain location or both!  (Bonus 30 Minute Session included with Early Bird) 


What’s Not Included

  • International flights and exit taxes if applicable (We can advise)
  • Speciality coffees, juices, and alcoholic beverages available for purchase at the lodge

Your Investment


  • Early Bird Savings : $2890USD (Save $400) book by November 30th, 2019 

  • Early Bird Bonus: plus receive a Dolphin Boat Tour ($75USD value) and a 30 min Energy Therapy Treatment in the location of your choice ($50USD value) 

  • Save your spot with a $680CAD Deposit

  • Regular Pricing: $3290 USD after November 30th, 2019 

  • payment policy and cancellation policy


Travel Dates: Saturday February 29th – Monday March 9th, 2020 ( 10 Days , 9 nights)

I’m going back with an improved attitude and I know that it is going to make a huge difference for my family, friends and my business.  If you see a retreat come up and it sings to you, say “Yes!”. As a wealth adviser I can tell you you’ll figure out the money to get here, just do it.”

Colleen, Ontario 

A deposit of $680CAD is required to hold your spot. For details on making your deposit fill out the form below:

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