5 Meditations for your Inner Healer





I am honoured that you’re here and that we’ll be spending some time in meditation and healing together in this space.  Thank you for being here and giving yourself and your Inner Healer this gift.

Meditation has been a part of my life for many years and has helped me to let go of so much that wasn’t serving me and has provided insight and healing so that I could become who I was meant to be.

Whether it’s your first time meditating or you’ve been doing it for some time I think you’ll enjoy the meditations here and receive something from them.

All of the Meditations are here on this page.  Simply scroll down to the one that you’d like to access.  You can do them all at once or take your time. It’s your journey.

Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and let’s begin.


In peace and love, 

Catherine xo


Meditation #1 – Simplicity

You want to turn down the volume on your busy mind and experience greater Simplicity.

Meditations for your Inner Healer ~ Simplicity Meditation

Meditation #2 – Harmony

You wish to invite Harmony into your relationships.

Meditations for your Inner Healer ~ Harmony Meditation

Meditation #3 – Grace

You want to experience a relationship full of grace with your body. 

Meditations for your Inner Healer ~ Grace Meditation

Meditation #4 – Joy

You want to take better care of yourself and do what feels joyful to you! 

Meditations for your Inner Healer ~ Joy Meditation

Meditation #5 – Abundance

You want to feel abundant and fulfilled in your life. 

Meditations for your Inner Healer ~ Abundance Meditation