Wild . Womb . Wisdom

Day Circle Retreat

The sacred wild feminine is making an emergence from the womb.

She is inside of you, waiting to be awakened, played with, and celebrated.

You can connect with her through play, pleasure, touch, smell, and taste. You can know her through your memory which reactivates when you sit with her in silence and move with her in song and sound.

She isn’t always found sitting pretty and spreading kindness everywhere.  She is sometimes, more often than not, found digging up bones in the yards of our pasts and burning them. Setting us free from the control we’ve submitted to for so long.

She can be found gathering medicine from the land and creating potions that heal the wounds within.  She is wild, and cannot be tamed. 

She is nature.  The mother. The goddess. The Venus fly trap. She is know by many names. 

She reveals herself through her heart, womb, and yoni.  Do you feel her in you?


Womben are desiring connection with their sisters, to heal the past wounds of broken bonds that could have been, and to come together in sacred circle where we (re)member our divine feminine nature as healers, connectors, and wisdom bringers of the new earth that is being birthed by us all.  

Let us gather, move, create, and activate our potential together in sacred circle for a day of sisterhood; for those of us that desire to be held in the wholeness of each other and to receive the gifts that naturally come forth through this kind of intention. 

You are invited to join us for a day of ecstatic union and an experience that will hold the space for you to emerge with the wildness, wisdom, and wholeness you have been desiring and calling forth lately.  

Come play with us! 

What to expect:

  • Supportive and Expansive Practices to help you let go of old patterns that have kept you from feeling safe and supported with women and by your own feminine essence 
  • Empowering Rituals for self-healing, energy protection, and womb connection + healing so you can navigate life as a Womben in her activated power 
  • Nourishing Food to support your body and soul in clearing, connecting, and coming back home to the wisdom held within
  • Sisters in Circle who see you as sacred, whole, and a force of nature, unafraid to show up as your authentic self 
  • Playfulness + Fun as we celebrate the joy of being women together in a natural setting. 

Akaiy’ha (Catherine) is a Guide, Healer who has worked in the world of Energy Medicine and self-healing practices  for the past 14 years helping women awaken their inner healer and activate their potential to be of service in the world.   

Her own journey of healing her body, addictions, past trauma and ancestral wounds as well as her passion for bringing greater healing and awareness to other women has led her to channel her teachings to womb + ancestral healing.

She has hosted numerous transformational retreats in beautiful spaces in Canada and Costa Rica and has a gifted ability of holding space, inspiring others to step into their power, and giving unconditionally loving support to those who join her in these experiences.    


Date + Location:  January 2022 (3 day Retreat)  – Vancouver Island, BC.